Midas is able to support the clients in all stages of the process of going international.


Midas follows the standard approach of management cycle:

  • Analysis of the context, the markets and the company potential
  • Action Plan, setting mensurable objectives
  • Execution
  • Evaluation of the results against the objectives and, if needed, adjustment of the Plan

The advisory component of the services is linked seamlessly to the execution and the field activity.
The fee for Midas is geared to the results the clients achieve.

Offered Services

Usually going international develops by steps, with an increasing degree of control and investments required (and therefore of risk): export sales, cooperation with local partners (es joint venture), direct investments in production plants or in distribution facilities.

Midas is able to support the clients at all stages of the process, aligning their business models to the context, to the company capabilities and to the state of the market:

  • Analysis of the company competitive advantage
  • Analysis of new markets and evaluation of their potential for the company
  • Selection of entering strategy in the target markets
  • Support to protect intellectual property resources
  • Scouting and partners selection
  • Adjustment of company organization to international markets
  • Export Management in outsourcing
  • Establishment of sales network on international markets
  • Negotiation of partnerships and joint ventures
  • Analysis of direct investment opportunities
  • Monitoring public support opportunities for going international
  • Financial, strategic and marketing & sales planning
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